Just back from Madagascar!

August 13, 2012 | no comments

Wow…what an interesting place. Tana was very different to Nairobi, yet there was a very comfortable similarity in the Capitals structure, corruption, bargaining poverty, sounds, markets and smells. One thing I really noticed much more in Madagascar was the poverty ..People seem much poorer there in comparison to Nairobi, yet the family structure/bond is so strong that poverty came second…if that makes any sense…I cant explain it really…

I was invited by Danz, the bassist I play with, who is from Madagascar to come and join him in Antananarivo for a performance. He was launching his new album with his band Gasy Groove, and asked whether I would like to come and do a set of my stuff . I had heard alot about Tana from Danz, so it was a great honour to be invited there and to actually put a distant image to a reality.

Most of  our time was spent in the capital, meeting incredible musicians, rehearsing for the show with Gasy Groove, eating very foreign but tasty food,  and seeing amazing live music from Jazz, rock, Cabaret, to traditional Madagascan music. The show was great, and I had the opportunity to play with some fantastic Madagascan Musicians!

On my days off, after the show, we took a taxi-brousse (Matatu)  to a small place called Andasibe where you can walk in the National Park and see Lemurs and Indri which are only found in Madagascar. The whole experience of the warm, welcoming, humble and generous hospitality that we received was unbelieveable..I look forward to returning to Madagascar one day!

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