Guava Tree & Covered in a Blanket Live @ Tree house May 2012

August 13, 2012 | no comments

A night that will be remembered forever! Sal Davis performing for the first time with his daughter @ The Tree house in Nairobi. A pretty epic night for me, I must say:) My father and I have never been close as he has always been away travelling, and living elsewhere. For the first time we got to spend a week together living and breathing music, and each others company!

We had planned the show whilst in Zanzibar where my father resides as he was looking to come back to Nairobi to do a show, and Nairobians were also in question as to where he has been hiding all these years. The two came together in late May, where Sal Davis took to the stage with the same energy and life he had in the 60′s performing all his old classics. I, with my own musical career was honoured to be part of this historical event. I sang my songs, Sal sang his, and then we ended the evening singing a couple of ┬áhis songs together. I think overall his fans, and mine, were happily suprised by the outcome. Thankyou so much for coming out and supporting us:)

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